Senator Harold Windsor, born on the 14th August, 1940, is an American politician and attorney. An influential and respected member of the Democratic Party, Windsor currently serves as a New York Senator..

Harold Windsor Esquire (Esq.), Juris Doctor (J.D)
Member of the United States Senate
from the New York district
Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
Assumed office
Chairman of the United States Select Committee on Ethics
Assumed office
Member of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
In office
Governor of New York State
In office
Personal details
Born Harold Lionel Windsor
August 14, 1940
New York City
Citizenship United States
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Olivia Pembroke
Children Tia Windsor
Religion Protestant Christian
Military service
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1957-1962

Early Life and Education

Harold Windsor was born on the 14th August 1935 to John and Sarah Windsor, at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. His father, John, left early in his childhood for North Africa, deployed with the 1st Infantry Division as a Lieutenant during World War Two. Whilst fighting against German forces under Rommel, he was shot through the knee, an injury that left him with a limp for the rest of his life. Upon his return, John Windsor successfully ran for New York Attorney General, using his pre-war experience as a prolific criminal prosecutor and human rights campaigner to win a majority in the 1946 election. His mother Sarah gave birth to two more children, Ronny and George, before resuming her role as a teacher at a local primary school. Harold was brought up in a loving and caring family, from a middle class background. His parents donated much of their income to charity and other philanthropic causes, and he was taught values of respect and generosity from a very young age. He was enrolled in the prestigious New York Military Academy, a school at which he thrived and excelled, before being accepted into Harvard University, and later the Harvard School of Law, following the footsteps of his father. He graduated with full honors, and many commendations from staff and classmates alike.

Military Service

In September 1957, fresh from law school and a period of philanthropic work, Harold enlisted in the United States Navy, just weeks before the start of the Vietnamese War. Serving first as an Ensign on the USS Wahoo, a Tang-class submarine on patrol in the Pacific Ocean, he was swiftly promoted to a Junior Lieutenant before his transfer to the regular navy in late 1959. Aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier he rose to distinction, coming to the direct attention of the captain numerous times. In 1962, after 5 years of service, predominately in active combat in Vietnam, he left the Navy as a distinguished Lieutenant Commander.


In late 1962, he joined the state prosecution service as a junior legal adviser. He shone throughout his time there, and whilst here he was convinced by his father to enter politics. He followed his paternal legacy into the Democratic party, and by 1966 had worked his way up through the state prosecution service to successfully stand for New York Attorney General. In 1970, at the end of his term as Attorney General, he decided not to stand for election again. Instead, he diversified into central politics, and through support of fellow lawyers and backers, and his influence as ex-attorney general he gained publicity quickly. His witty, cynical remarks and fair, innovative, and honest policies struck a chord in the hearts of the electorate, and he announced his election campaign for governor to vast support in 1969. On the 1st January 1970, Harold "the Hazza" Windsor became the 52nd Governor of the State of New York. In 1973, Harry decided to run for Senator, as he did not wish to return to the same seat after his gap year despite popular demand, citing an inability to change the laws of his beloved nation for the better. He won the senatorial elections with a 78% majority in '74.

Political Platform

His current political interests and policies, though subject to change, include:

  • Creation of a free National Health Service
  • Increased gun regulations
  • Gay marriage legalized
  • Free high quality state education
  • Development of transport networks
  • Military spending analysis (not necessarily cuts)
  • Increased NSA and other preventative/intelligence agency budgets
  • Increased corporation tax
  • Reduction in benefits
  • Counter measures again tax evasion
  • Regulatory bodies for child welfare, schools, hospitals and care homes to tighten regulations
  • New National Improvements Tax Scheme (N.I.T.S)
  • Increased national minimum wage
  • Increased paid leave
  • Increased worker protection

New York Specific Policies

  • Increased minimum wage to $3.10, from $2.90
  • Zoning of 10% percent minimum of new developments to middle or lower class families
  • Increased spending on transport infrastructure
  • State specific gun license with much tighter regulations and thorough background checks
  • Increased education spending
  • Anti-gun crime campaigns
  • Introduction of community police officers (non-armed)
  • Tighter regulations for police gun use

Family Life and Interests

Harry is a keen athlete, often seen around NYC on his daily 10 kilometer runs. He is a moderate Christian, and speaks English, French and German fluently. He is currently striving to learn 15 words of Russian a day, and employs a Russian tutor twice a week. On the 12th July 1968, Harry married his childhood sweetheart, Olivia Pembroke, and they currently live in their New York home with a black Labrador, Holly, and their 8 year old daughter, Tia Windsor, given the nickname "New York's Sweetheart" by the New York Times.