Harold Stassen
Timeline: President Stassen

Portrait of Harold Stassen

34th President of the United States
1953 – 1961

Predecessor Harry Truman
Successor Richard Nixon
Vice President

25th Governor of Minnesota
1939 – 1943

Predecessor Elmer Benson
Born April 13, 1907
West St. Paul, Minnesota
Died March 4,2001
Bloomington Minnesota
Wife Esther Glewwe
Political Party Republican

Harold Stassen was the 34th President of the United States, from 1953 to 1961. He was fairly popular during his presidency, and though not considered to be an awesome president, is still said to be fairly good. After serving as President, he went on to be the president of the University of Philadelphia until 1979, when he resigned. Until his retirement in 1995, he served as a popular centrist political commentator. Stassen is noted for being the first Republican to serve as President after nearly two decades of Democratic domination. He was succeeded by Richard Nixon, a Republican senator from California, who continued Stassen's policies, although with less success.