Harmillak Dimwit (born 72,921,914 BC, died 72,362,887 BC) was the 471th Shukoff of the Regenetech Empire, and the 1251st person to hold the title, but more well known as the 2nd Supreme Marshal Shukoff of the Regenetech Empire, was one of the greatest military minds in galactic history. Born to a poor pair of Regens living on Nemethis, he joined the military at age 18 and was sent off to the Azaranian Empire to combat the Corstantians, since his troop division was fighting in the war. However, it ended a few months later. He was appointed Shukoff of the 471th for his bravery and ability to demonstrate leadership during combat, and held this title during the First Galactic War, serving under 22nd Grand Shukoff Mizkel. Many have stated the Dimwit was the true man behind Mizkel's apparent brilliance, and he has also been blamed for the strange death of Mizkel during the war. He narrowly missed gaining the position to his elder brother, 453rd Shukoff Jaranzin Dimwit. He fought to the end of the war and was sent for the Empire to negotiate with the other nations during the signing of the peace treaty. He was awarded the Imperial Star of the Lords after the war, and the only one to do so. Soon after he asked to be preserved in carbonite and not to be released until 550,000 years or more had passed. This wish was respected and he was only relased a few years before GWII began. In his absence Marganil XXI awarded him the title 17th Grand Shukoff of the Empire. Upon his release he commanded the Empire's loyal forces through the Seventh Civil War and was appoint Supreme Marshal Shukoff of the Empire after it ended. He used this title to his advantage and steered the Galactic Alliance to victory in GWII.

After the war, Marganil LXXV appointed him Occupant Marshal over the Terran Empire. This title he held for three years before being killed by the deposed Prince Imperial of the Terran Empire. His state funeral occurred soon after and drew in exactly 12,973,450,201 attendants live and a vast majority of the remainder of the population watching on HoloNet broadcasts.

Supreme Marshal Shukoff of the Regenetech Empire

Preceded By: Gallan Krazkazan l Harmillak Dimwit l Succeeded By: Moranadan Br

Occupant Marshal of the Terran Empire

Preceded By: Vohannvan Razkarlikan l Harmillak Dimwit l Succeeded By: Vohannvan Razkarlikan

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