20th September 1066

Battle of Fulford Occurs

Hardrade wins a significant victory in Fulford

Edwin of Mercia killed in battle

Morcar of Northumbria captured and executed by Hardrade's Vikingr

North of England occupied by Vikingr

King Godwinson marches onto the North to repel Hardrade's invasion

25th September 1066

Battle of Stamford Bridge Occurs

Hardrade wins a decisive victory in Stamford

King Godwinson is hacked to pieces by Varangian Guardsmen

Hardrade marches onto the South of England

28th September 1066

William of Normandy lands in England

October 2nd 1066

William of Normandy occupies London

October 6th 1066

Battle of Luton Occurs

Hardrade wins a decisive victory in Luton

William of Normandy is shot in the forehead by Norse Archers

Hardrade marches to London

October 10th 1066

Harald Hardrade is crowned King of Norway and England

Beginning of Anglo-Saxon displacement from England by Hardrade in favor of the Norse population

October 12th 1066

Execution of former noble lords and court members by Hardrade

Odo Bayeux becomes the King of Normandy

October 26th 1066

Hardrade leaves England for Norway and places Prince Olav of Norway as Lord of England

October 30th 1066

Peasant Rebellion in East Engla swiftly suppressed by Olav

November 8th 1066

Tostig Godwinson becomes Regent of England

November 22nd 1066

Greatest Norse migration to England in history takes place, thousands of Norse migrants flock into England

November 26th 1066

Hardrade returns to England

November 28th 1066

Vikingr raiding parties cause panic in Scotland

December 31th 1066

Hardrade travels back to Norway to recruit more Vikingr

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