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Nominated for deletion

This page has been nominated for deletion, for the following reason: Disrespectful to our lord and savior Harambe, who gave his life so that we may have the dankest of memes. Please correct the issue or this page will be deleted.

Regards, Crim de la Kremlin - "This is my signature. That means I just posted."

Harambe is everyone's favourite gorilla. He faced an untimely death at the hands of zookeepers (possibly planned by George Bush as he also did 9/11) because he simply wanted to protect a child that fell into his enclosure.

This timeline will explore a different result. The child was able to be rescued, although Harambe was still shot, but he did not die, rather, he was shot in the penis.

General info

This is a satirical timeline and it will mostly focus on getting a laugh or two out of the reader.

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