Jingshi nyo Hanyang
—  Capital city  —
Hanyang Special City
The skyline of the Binondo district
Nickname(s): Pearl of the Orient
Queen City of the Pacific
Distinguished and Ever Loyal City
Coordinates: 14°35′N 121°00′E / 14.583°N 121°E / 14.583; 121
Country Hani
Governorate Greater Hanyang
City type Special city
Special city status
Founder ??
City Hall Hanyang City Hall
 - Type Mayor–council commission
 - Mayor Sangren Lin
 - City Council Chairman Kimi Jiang
Population (2016)
 - Total 14,933,520
 - Demonym Hanyangese
Time zone Han Standard Time (UTC-8)

The Hanyang Special City (Han language: 城市ニソオ韩阳, tr. Jingshi nyo Hanyang) is the capital and most largest city of both the Greater Hanyang governorate and Hani.

Situated on a flat thin strip of land between the Hanyang Bay and the Laguna Bay, and is split into two by the Min River, its history stretches to the 10th century; when it was founded by the Kingdom of Tondo as its capital. It is very important in Han history, having been historically its largest port and the main gateway for immigrants from China. Recently, Hanyang has been the birthplace of Han pop culture and the Han Cultural Revolution, and receives an estimate 20 million visitors per annum, making it the 4th-most visited city and highest earner in tourism.

As it was the centre of the Miracle on the Min River, Hanyang is considered to be one of the world's leading and rising global cities. Hanyang's metropolitan area comprises 30% of the Han nominal economic output, a value of $2.33 trillion, thus making it the world's largest metropolitan economy. It is rated highly in standards of living, having the third-highest quality of life globally and the second most liveable city in Asia. It is a major technological hub and is is home to thirty of the Fortune Global 500 listed companies alone. Hanyang ranks highly in the Global Power City Index and Global Financial Centres Index, and it and its surrounding areas exert a major influence in global affairs as one of the leading hosts of global conferences and the headquarters of many organisations such as Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Asian Development Bank.

Being the capital city of Hani, all three branches of the Han federal government are based within the Imperial district, which was where the city was originally centred in prior to later expansion. Hanyang is also home to over a hundred foreign embassies and consulates. As it also functions as the governorate's capital, all three branches of the Greater Hanyang regional government are also located within Hanyang, but are based on the neighbouring Binondo district to avoid congestion in the Imperial District.










Government and politics

Infrastructure and transport

Sister cities

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