Hans Krup was the first leader of the National Socialist Liberation Army, the fascist organization that used terror attacks in a hope to strengthen and rebuild the ex-Axis powers after their defeat in World War 3. Although having significant following and good money and weaponry the terrorist organization was always in hiding and could never operate in the same place for a long time.Krup reached the height of his power when his organization managed to fire an old A9 at Washington D.C but less than a year after the Soviets found his hiding place and he was tried and sentenced to death at the Hague, where he awaits execution.

Early Life

Born during the dying days of the Third Reich to an SS officer and a Swedish woman as part of the Lebensborn project. He was heavily indoctrinated into the Nazi ideology. He would begin his path as a terrorist when he was in Berlin in 1965, US B-52 bombers flew overhead deploying cluster bombs. One such bomb killed his father and left him with a piece of shrapnel in his face.


After the German Reich collapsed, Hans went into hiding, and met other people calling themselves the "German Workers' Liberation Army", which had no clear leader and . Eventually, Krup would surge to leadership of the group. He began to encourage more disaffected Germans to side with him, eventually growing into the largest terrorist network other than Al-Qaeda (which kept a VERY low profile ATL) and the IRA. Every so often, after 9/11, Krup would send recordings of him speaking about "subhumans" and the "fatherland being ransacked", preaching "death to America and Russia".  
North face south tower after plane strike 9-11

The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City being hit by hijacked planes done by the NSLA.

September 11

This date was chosen for the NSLA to strike because of a major treaty being signed between the USA and the USSR which would get a man to Mars. During September 11, planes from various American airports hit various targets such as the World Trade Centre, the Golden Gate bridge, Bogota's capitol and the Memorial tower in Rio De Janeiro. However, this blew him wide open.


The USA, USSR and Poland launched a full scale attack on Germany and Bavaria. After a long and bloody insurgency, they found and killed the head of his NSLASS (Krup's personal bodyguard) in Bavaria, Herman Jugren. Every so often, the NSLA would bomb synagogues and Jewish schools.

After an old A9 was fired into Washington DC during the 40th anniversary of Victory day, the CIA found his hiding place in Japan, where they pinpointed him to Mount Fuji. There was a heavy firefight in the mountain, during which he attempted to escape. He was betrayed by the shrapnel from 42 years earlier, when a Russian soldier caught him. They tortured him for several days, then handed him over to the Americans, who hungered for revenge for 9/11, and they were even worse. Under UN pressure, they handed him over to the Hague who sentenced him to death, which is planned to be televised live.  Krup was executed November 11, 2008 in front of live television.  Before his execution, he let out a final defiant "SIEG HEIL."  In Bill O'Reilly's and Fox's eyes, the death was somewhat anti-climactic, as they hoped that Krup would die a slow and agonizing death, which is understandable due to the grief that he has caused.  Crowds gathered around public places in the United States and Russia celebrating the demise of Krup and the end of the NSLA.  
Bin laden dead 07

New Yorkers celebrate the end of NSLA in New York City, New York.

His second in command, and chief of the NSLASS, Klaus Harburg, took control. Eventually, in August 2008, he took a suicide pill as Polish forces cornered him. After his death the NSLA collapsed.

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