Hanoi Agreement
military, political and economic alliance

Hanoi agreement

The Flag of the Hanoi agreement


"Prosperity to all under our Flag"

 Member states of the Hanoi Agreement:

Republic Of China






Capital Singapore
Languages Mainly Chinese, all important information is translated to all required languages.
Political structure Alliance
Historical era Second Cold War
 -  Established

9 of January 2011

¹ Command and Control HQ in Singapore. Military HQ in Beijing, Republic Of China.

The Hanoi Agreement is a military, political and economic alliance among six Asian States of East Asia. The founding treaty was established under the initiative of the Republic of China and signed on 9 January 2011, in Hanoi (hence the name). The Hanoi Agreement was in part a Chinese military reaction to the American recent aggression and to develop Asia to rival the West but was primarily motivated by Chinese desires to maintain control over military forces in East Asia which in turn (according to Agreement preamble) to maintain peace in Asia.

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