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He was known as the "Helper of Kings", because of his connections to Vinlandic Kings Snorri I, Amund I, and Gunnvald I. He lived to the age of 71, which was unheard of at the time. In his later years he lived luxuriously in Leif Erikson's old estate in Vinland, with people coming to him frequently for advice.

He was recruited by the Norwegian king himself to guide Snorri I, because he was one of the only people in Vinland that knew how to read. At the age of 20, he became rich off of the rewards of the Norwegians, and lived a very happy life.

With every king that he trained he was rewarded with more and more things, so while he trained Gunnvald I he was one of the richest people in Vinland and Norway.

Due to him being one of the colonizers of Vinland, he was very Pro-independent, and taught the kings he trained to be that way. This led to Vinland being have very pro-independent leaders, which caused the Vinlandic War of Independence