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Hannah al-Shirazi
هانا الشيرازي
Timeline: Great Empires

Hannah al-Shirazi
The Calipha in 2013

Calipha consort of the Abbasid Caliphate
2013 – present

Predecessor: Sarah al-Jidadi
Born: 1 January 1983
Dubai, Arabia
Spouse: Hassan al-Wia
House: Abbasid Dynasty (by marriage)
Father: Yusuf al-Shirazi
Mother: Talia al-Shirazi
Issue: Princess Sayyida (born 2001)
Religion: Sunni Islam
 Calipha Hannah al-Shirazi is the current Calipha of the Abbasid Caliphate, wife of Caliph Hassan al-Wia. She is also an activist for peace and women's rights, she herself broke centuries of tradition of the royal consorts by not veiling.

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