Hawaiian Democratic Republic of Hankin'i
OTL equivalent: Hankin'i
Timeline: British Empire Crashed
Flag of Hankini
Flag of Hankin'i
Penus map
Location of Hankin'i
Capital: Hankin'i City
Largest city: Southern City
Language: English, Hawaiian (official)


Prime Minister:

Abraham Charles


Population: 82,600

Hankin'i, officially the Hawaiian Democratic Republic of Hankin'i, is a small island nation located near Hawaii. Hankin'i claims Hawaii as part of it's territory dispite that fact the territory is controlled by and claimed the United States. The island was discovered by James Cook during January 18, 1778 when he also spotted Hawai'i. The islands were invaded by the British Empire (Great Britain) and named George Island. Juan Chang (later King Juan I) led a revolution in 1798 against the British and established the Kingdom of Hankin'i. The People's Socialist Republic of Hankin'i was created by former Prime Minister Francis Carlos after his loss in the general elections against former King Alexander-Willem. Carlos lead a coup against President Alexander (King Alexander-Willem) and overthrow him and proclaimed himself "General-President of Hankin'i & Premier of Hawaii". Hankin'i was de facto an US territory for five days in 2011 during Nicolas Carlos' state visit to the Soviet Asia when the US army invaded the island and won in the Battle of Hankin'i and William 'Bill' Clinton (former Vice President of the United States) was proclaimed Administrator of Hankin'i until Soviet Asia invaded the islands and after 2 days the island was handed over to the Carlos Family. A coup was made by Abraham Charles against the Carlos family. Charles wanted to make Hankin'i a more open 'democratic place'. May 30 2013 he won the coup and was declared President of the People's Socialist Republic of Hankin'i.

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