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The year is 1910. Germany and Italy are unified empires, the Americas have solidified into proper nation-states, and Europe has almost directly caused the collapse of China.

Great alliances link Europe into a powder keg, waiting for one side to perform an act deemed atrocious and pull the entire continent into a war. Britain and Germany, being ever-so-hungry for land, seem like they wants a global conflict, but no plots have solidified yet.

Sounds like the beginning of a WWI you learned about in history class, right? Wrong. Say goodbye to the trenches and hello to landships and plasma cannons. Biplanes are rapidly replaced by rudimentary ground-assist seaplanes, and legged machines carry soldiers and heavy machine guns across the burning fields of France. Glorious revolution engulfs the frozen plains of Russia. China’s ancient Mandate of Heaven now judges the fleeing Manchu emperor, and the people look to local warlords, Confucius, and the great Karl Marx for guidance. God’s fury has been laid on Earth, and great nations must weather it. Regardless of the cost.



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