Han Nationalist Party
Founded March 8, 1889
Headquarters Binondo district, Hanyang
Political position Centrist to centre-right
Membership  (2016) 8,000,000 +
Ideology Han nationalism
East Asian capitalism
Social conservatism
Religion None (guaranteed freedom of religion)
Mahayana Buddhism (preferred)
Official colours Gold, blue, white

The Han Nationalist Party (Han: 的派对国民; 서보루고쿠민, tr. Souborugokumin) is the founding and current party of the Great Han Empire. It has an official membership of ~8 million people as of 2016.

Formed in March 8, 1889, it resisted the Yi dynasty and was became the ruling party during Hani's time as an American protectorate because of its pro-American, democratic stance. It has won every national election ever since, holding the majority of the seats in the National Diet and its dominance has led to Hani become described as a single-party dominant state.

It adheres to what it refers to as the Han thought–a combination of Han nationalism and conservatism (which is drastically different from normal conservatism), collectivism, and East Asian capitalism (which is similar to dirigisme). The party regards Han thought as essential to avoid losing its sovereignty to other foreign powers and is essential to maintain rapid socio-economic growth it has gained since the twentieeth century.



Sister parties and organisations


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