Emperor Han Guang of Han
Emperor Han Guang in his office, April 2016
Emperor of the Great Empire of Han
Reign 2001 — present
Enthronement 2 April 2001
Predecessor Han Long
Heir Qiangyi, Crown Prince of Han
Premier Wu Yijiang
Chang Baoyuan
Ma Yingjiu
Empress Tang Shuxian
Issue Qiangyi, Crown Prince of Han
Liming, Princess Jing
Qianghuo, Prince Hao
Full name
Hàn Shīxīn (漢 狮心)
House House of Han
Father Han Long
Mother Huang Jiaxuan
Born 7 June 1976 (age 41)
Chang'an Imperial Hospital,
Religion Han Buddhism
Signature HanGuang-seal-Han-GoN.png

Han Guang, officially known as Han Guang Huang (Hanyu: 漢光 皇, Hanyu pinyin: Hànguāng huáng; born 7 June 1976) is the reigning Emperor of Han. He ascended the throne in 2001 following the death of his father Han Long. As Emperor of Han, Han Guang has often been referred to as one of the world's most powerful men.


Han Guang was born Han Shixin (漢 狮心) on 7 June 1976. In Han, he is never referred to by his birth name, as this is considered taboo. Instead he is referred to using his regnal name as His Majesty The Guang Emperor (光皇陛下, Guānghuáng bìxià) which may be shortened to His Majesty (陛下, Bìxià). In writing, the Emperor is also referred to as "The Reigning Emperor" (當今皇上, Dāngjīn huángshàng). Han Guang's regnal era is referred to as the "Guang Era" (光時代, Guāng shídài), which corresponds to his regnal name. Upon his death, he will be buried under his regnal name, not his personal name.

Titles, styles and honours

  • 1976 — 1994: His Imperial Highness The Prince Yong
  • 1994 — 2001: His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince
  • 2001 — present: His Imperial Majesty The Guang Emperor

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