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Han Dynasty
Timeline: Two Superpowers
OTL equivalent: Han Dynasty
.  BC 206 - Present
 受命於天, 旣壽永昌
Largest city Luoyang
Other cities Xuchang, Beihing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
Official languages Chinese
Regional Languages  
Demonym Chinese
Religion Confucianism
Government Absolute Imperial Monarchy
 -  Emperor Emperor Hwang Guang
 -  Chancellor  
Legislature Imperial Court
 -  Foundation of Han Dynasty 206 BC 
 -  Eastern Han is established 25 AD 
 -  Liu Bei wins Three Kingdoms Period 222 AD 
 -   2014 estimate   
Currency Wu Zhu

This nation is one of the oldest and strongest dynasty exist in this world. Its might spreads all East.

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