Han Chinese
Han Chinese

YoungEmpressWuZetian Wu Shenglong Emperor of China
Wu Zetian - Wu Shenglong - Shao Zhou Qinshihuang ZhaoShang Confucius Tang Dynasty
Qin Shi Huang - Zhao Shang - Confucius Sakura Yangcheng ZhouXuan1 Hangaozu
Sakura Yangcheng - Zhou Xuan - Liu Bei

SunTzu Cao Cao TangTaizong
      Sun Tzu         Cao Cao       Taizong of Tang
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of the Celestial Empire of China (Celestial Ascendance) China 900,771,155
FlagoftheUnitedRepublic United Republic 154,740,031
Flag of the Khmer Empire Khmer Empire 10,000,000
NativeAmericaFlag Native Sinican Federation 5,000,000
Europe 5,000,000
Mainly Buddhism and None, minority Taoism, Confucianism and others
 The Han Chinese people are an ethnic group native to east East Asia. They constitute approximately 90% of the population of China.  They are the largest ethnic group in the world and make up 18% of the world population.