Han Dynasty of China
Timeline: Romae Delenda Est (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: China, minus Manchuria or Tibet
(China) Han Imperial Banner Arms of the Qing Dynasty (fictitious)
Han Banner Imperial Dragon
Capital Chang'an
Largest city Chang'an
Old Chinese
  others Luoyang
Religion Taoism
Ethnic Group Han Chinese
Demonym Chinese
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor ???
  Royal house: Han
Population 49,000,000 
Established 177 BC
Successor of Qin China
Currency Ban Liang Coinage (半兩)
Han China, or 漢朝, as the Han Chinese call it, is an East Asian world power. Extending throughout most of OTL China, the Han Dynasty is a powerful nation that dominates East Asian trade and geopolitics.

The Han Dynasty is also the successor to the Qin Dynasty, which was overthrown by the Han Dynasty's military leadership in the year ??? BC.


China has a rich history divided into dynastic periods. The first truly Chinese Dynasty, which emerged after the Neolithic Period, was the Xia Dynasty, which was then followed by the Shang and powerful Zhou Dynasties. These empires built up a rich, highly populated China with a distinct culture. Following the collapse of the Zhou Dynasty, however, a number of Warring States seized power over various sized principalities.

20090529 Great Wall 8185

One of the Warring States, the Qin, quickly grew to be the most powerful of the Warring States. Under the rule of Qin Shi Huangdi, the Qin formed a new Dynasty over all of China. The Great Wall of China was constructed under Qin.

Civil War...


800px-Terracotta pmorgan

Terracotta Statues of Han Troops

The military of Han China tends to use sheer population in order to create the potential for massive victory. The Chinese military also has a wide variety of types of soldiers, from a professional army to numerous militias made up of peasants.



800px-Along the River During the Qingming Festival (detail of original)

Han Chinese Market

The economy of Han China is relatively basic from a modern perspective, but is quite advanced for the current year.

Iron production is the most advanced technological...

Silk is the primary export of Han China. The Silk is then transported along the Silk Road to the West, and large nations such as the Seleucids, Romans, Macedonians, or Carthaginians.

Foreign Relations

Due to the Dynastic rule of most East Asian nations, the relations between Han China and most of its neighbors have a tendency to change with the passing of old emperors and the rise of new emperors. Additionally, personal relationships between foreign ministers is extremely vital to the foreign relations of Han China and other nations of the Far East.


  • Korea


  • Japanese States


  • Mongols


  • None

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