The Foundation of the Kingdom of Han

The Kingdom of Han was so named because of the connection of its leaders to the last few Han Emperors. The General Cao Wei, who established the Kingdom of Bei and started the First Sinican Civil
Kingdom of Han

The Kingdom of Han in Blue

War, gave up on the Han family and sought to take the title of Emperor for himself and his own sons. When the Sinican Civil war left the Empire fractured the family of the Emperor moved to the edge of the Empire and attempted to set up their own country with the remaining loyal inhabitants moving with them, in the hope that the Empire could be re-established. The State of Han was not large and required much protection and was the first to develop the system of Protection Orders in place of a military. The Dukes of the Kingdom controlled these Orders and this kept the Rights of the Nobility in place for the future of Sinica.
Provinces of Han

The Four Provinces of Han. The Small area between between the two coastal provinces is the Independent City of Shanghai.

List of Leaders of Han

King Feizi 非子 635-648 (118-105 BC)

King Qinhou 秦侯 648-663 (105-90 BC)

King Gongbo 公伯 663-670 (90-83 BC)

King Zhong 仲 670-676 (83-77 BC)

Archduke Zhuang 莊 676-689 (77-64 BC)

Archduke Xiang 襄 689-697 (64-56 BC)

Archduke Wen 文 697-705 (56-48 BC)

Archduke Jing 靜 705-724 (48-29 BC)

Archduke Li 立 724-742 (29-11 BC)

Archduke Man 曼 742-752 (11-1 BC)

Archduke Zhao Chuan 趙穿, would become King of the United Kingdom

Archduke De 德 772-782 (1 BC-29 AD), associate of Zhao Chuan

Archduke Cheng 成 782-798 (29-45 AD)

Archduke Mu 穆 798-804 (45-52 AD)

The Second Han Dynasty

The Duchies of the Kingdom of Han

The Northern Province

1. Zhengzhou
Han Northern Province

The Eighteen Duchies of the Northern Province of Han


2. Anyang 安阳

3. Hebi 鹤壁

4. Jiaozuo 焦作

5. Kaifeng 开封

6. Luohe 漯河

7. Luoyang 洛阳

8. Nanyang 南阳

9. Pingdingshan 平顶山

10. Puyang 濮阳

11. Sanmenxia 三门峡

12. Shangqiu 商丘

13. Xinxiang 新乡

14. Xinyang 信阳

15. Xuchang 许昌

16 Zhoukou 周口

17. Zhumadian 驻马店

18. Jiyuan 济源

The Southern Province

1. Hangzhou 杭州
Han Southern Province

The Eleven Duchies of the Southern Province of Han

2. Ningbo 宁波

3. Huzhou 湖州

4. Jiaxing 嘉兴

5. Jinhua 金华

6. Lishui 丽水

7. Quzhou 衢州

8. Shaoxing 绍兴

9. Taizhou 台州

10. Wenzhou 温州

11. Zhoushan 舟山

The Western Province

1. Hefei 合肥
Han Western Provinces

The Seventeen Duchies of the Western Province of Han

2. Anqing 安庆

3. Bengbu 蚌埠

4. Bozhou 亳州

5. Chaohu 巢湖

6. Chizhou 池州

7. Chuzhou 滁州

8. Fuyang 阜阳

9. Huaibei 淮北

10. Huainan 淮南

11. Huangshan 黄山

12. Lu'an 六安

13. Ma'anshan 马鞍山

14 Suzhou 宿州

15. Tongling 铜陵

16. Wuhu 芜湖

17. Xuancheng 宣城

The Eastern Province

1. Nanjing 南京
Han Eastern Provinces

The Thirteen Duchies of the Eastern Province of Han

2. Changzhou 常州

3. Huai'an 淮安

4. Lianyungang 连云港

5. Nantong 南通

6. Suqian 宿迁

7. Suzhou 苏州

8. Taizhou 泰州

9. Wuxi 无锡

10. Xuzhou 徐州

11. Yancheng 盐城

12. Yangzhou 扬州

13. Zhenjiang 镇江


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