The Hallowe'en Raids (also called the All Hallows Eve Offensive or the October Raids) was a massive naval offensive by the Japanese Imperial Navy against American and Oceanian vessels in the northern and central Malayan Archipelago on October 31st, 1924. Initiated after a state of war had existed between the Asian Powers and the Allies for a monht, the attacks severely crippled the token American presence in the west Pacific and much of the Oceanian Northern Navy, resulting in 31 Allied ships sunk, 27 damaged, and 5,455 sailors killed. It was one of the most devastating naval losses in American history and the worst loss in Oceanian history.

The raids, which were launched in the early morning by overwhelming Japanese forces, depleted the American ability to defend Oceanian territories in the Malayas and began an early retreat by Oceanian soldiers and ships from the Malayas during late 1924 and early 1925.

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