Halle Berry
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Portrait of Halle Berry

Born August 14, 1966
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Profession Television Journalist

Halle Maria Berry (born August 14, 1966) is an American journalist who became well-known as the co-host of The Early Show. She is currently the anchor of the CBS Evening News. On September 5, 2006 she became the first solo female anchor of the weekday evening news on any of the major C.S. or U.S. networks. Since that time she has become the United States most watched anchor, just edging PBS Evening News Host Jon Stewart.

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Berry has been criticized by some for blurring the lines between entertainment and reporting. Berry's choice of short skirts while hosting the Early Show has led to her legs being one of the most widely identified aspects of her on-screen persona as well as the subject of many commentaries and Web sites.