Haladna Thanda
Luna Asceletia

Timeline: Great Empires

Haladna Thanda
Portrait of Haladna Thanda
Luna Asceletia

Ruler of Chrelytium
1,000,000,000 BBC – present

Predecessor Luke Skyson
Jo Synesthia
Born before 1,000,000,000 BBC
Species Chrelytian
Residence Ysilum Palace, Chrelytium
Relatives Terra Asceletia (sister)
Father Unknown
Mother Sitania Asceletia
Religion The Force (Dark Side)
“Luna Asceletia is no more, I am Haladna Thanda, destroyer of worlds and no one will stand in my way, not even you, my sister.”
~ Haladna Thanda threatening to destroy her sister
 Luna Asceletia, later adopting the name Haladna Thanda is a Chrelytian traitor, who turned the planet Chrelytium into a frozen desert and corrupted herself by absorbing the power of the Diamond of Chrelytia, becoming more powerful than any other Chrelytian, at the cost of her sanity. The Chrelytians evacuated the entire planet, even The Ones unable to defeat her.


Early life

Luna Asceletia was born before 1,000,000,000 BBC on Chrelytium to Sitania Asceletia, her father is unknown and she never knew him. It was clear that even at a young age, Luna was hyperintelligent, ambitious and manipulative. She had few friends and wasn't very friendly to them. She didn't had a good relationship with her sister or mother either. Luna became a rude and uncaring person, blaming her mother for not loving her and preferring her sister Terra. 

Adult life


Luna became extremely strong in The Force and when her mother vanished, she left her sister alone and travelled around the planet to find her destiny. However she became bored with life and searched for a higher calling. Eventually she took control of the capital city, claiming she was the perfect leader for the Chrelytians. With her manipulative and cunning personality she commanded her armies to conquer the entire planet, overthrowing Luke Skyson and Jo Synesthia, but even then she wasn't happy. Eventually she completely lost her sanity, when she absorbed the power of the Diamond of Chrelytium, depriving the planet of its life-Force, freezing the planet and adopting Haladna Thanda as her new name "glorious ruler". As the new ruler of the planet, she constructed her new palace and causing destruction and chaos around the entire planet. Eventually this drew the attention of "The Ones", twelve friends who had known each other since the beginning of their lifetime, they attacked her in an attempt to stop her but despite their best efforts they were unable to defeat her. However, she was unable to prevent the escape of the Chrelytians, who fled to Mortis. In an last attempt to stop her, Jo Synesthia and Seth Skyson were turned to stone, giving the others enough time to save the other Chrelytians. The Ones constructed a Force barrier around the planet, preventing Thanda from ever escaping the planet, doomed to stay in her self-created chaos.


On 12 December 1113 ABC, Alissa Vitzana, a member of The Ones was en route to the planet of Vankora for a concert. However, Thanda sensed her presence near the planet, forcing the ship to crash on the planet with her extremely strong Force pull. Alissa was taken hostage by Thanda in her palace and she contacted The Ones, the last remaining Chrelytians on Mortis, saying she would share the same fate as Jo and Seth if they wouldn't come to rescue her. The Ones were conflicted, but chose to rescue their long-time friend, claiming attacking one of them was attacking all of them. The Ones fell into Thanda's trap when they entered her palace to confront her. She managed to defeat them by surprise and locked them in the palace, placing a powerful blocking barrier on it. She took their ship, left the planet and she set course to Mortis.

Destruction of Mortis

On 14 December 1113 ABC, Haladna Thanda destroyed the planet of Mortis with an enormous energy beam, breaking the balance in the Force in the entire universe. Mass destruction, panic, chaos, death, natural disasters, collapsing buildings and riots have already occurred on millions of planets.

Personality, traits and abilities


Luna was even as a child a cunning, uncaring and malicious individual, enjoying bullying her peers. She was ambitious, narcissistic and a perfectionist, wanting to do everything perfect. She did everything to her own interests and rarely did something for the good of others. She is also very cruel, killing everyone who dared to reject her as the legitimate ruler of Chrelytium. She didn't feel sympathy for even her sister, as proven when she almost killed her when she opposed her with her friends. The Ones came to believe that Thanda was the incarnation of pure evil, however this was untrue. Thanda did show remorse when she was left alone on the entire planet, feeling lonely without anyone, making her even more mad. She valued loyalty highly and didn't hesitate to kill anyone who betrayed her. However, behind all of this Luna may be just a corrupted woman, who received little to no affection from her mother and sister, implying everything what she ever wanted was love, however even her sister believed there was no hope left for her, that she was beyond redemption. This was proven to be correct as she destroyed Mortis, which she knew was the place where all Force flows through.


Luna displayed impressive abilities even as a child, being able to influence them and being far more proficient in the Force than her peers. As an adult, she was able to defeat tens of others of Chrelytians before her corruption and was highly skilled in flight, telekinesis, lightning conjuring and energy manipulation. She was far more powerful than most of the other Chrelytians. After her absorbtion of the power of Chrelytium, she became by far the most powerful being in the entire universe. She was able to destroy entire invasion forces and defeat The Ones, who were considered to be the most powerful Force-users in the entire universe. Indeed, she was so dangerous that she was locked on the planet forever, as she could not be killed, to protect the entire universe from her. She was so skilled in energy manipulation that she destroyed an entire planet, Mortis with an energy beam projected from space.

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