はくれい ぃいっと

Hakurei Förbund
Хакурей Лига

Hakurei League
Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)
旗 Coat of Arms 350
Flag Coat of Arms

幸運 & 調和 (Japanese)
("Prosperity & Harmony")

(and largest city)
Toyohokkäi, Harjavalta, Hakodate
Language All in the Union
Government Supernational Confederation
  legislature Grand Assembly
General Secretary Kaori Oksanen
Chairwoman Kustaava Konpaku
Established 1930

The Hakurei League is a type of international union founded by former Empress Sonja Komeiji. It was established so that any nation could have a say and has no official languages.


Empress Sonja Komeiji established this, originally intended for former Finnish colonies but can be open to other nations if they wish, in response to the other international proposed unions. It was made so that anyone would have a say, and has no official languages so that any language can be used to contact each other, with-out worries.



General Secretary

  • Empress Sonja Komeiji of Finland (Finnish paganist, female) [temporary] (1930-1935)
  • Kaori Oksanen (Shintoist, female) (1936-1957)
  • Manami Marttila (Finnish Paganist, female) (1957-)


  • Kustaava Konpaku (1930-1957)
  • Janika Konpaku (1957-)

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