State of Haiti (English)
Leta an Ayiti (Haitian Creole)

State of the United States
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: The Dominican Republic and Haiti
Civil Ensign of the Dominican Republic
Flag of Haiti

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Capital Maguana
Largest city Santo Domingo
Other cities Port-au-Prince, Santiago
English and Haitian Creole
  others French, Spanish
Baptists and Catholics
  others Muslims, Pentecostalists
Ethnic groups
African Americans
  others French, Italians, Spaniards
Demonym Haitian
Admission February 16, 1979
Time zone (UTC-4 to -5)
  summer (UTC-3 to -4)
Abbreviations US-HT

The State of Haiti (Haitian Creole: Leta an Ayiti), simply referred to as Haiti, is a state of the United States that is located in the Caribbean. Haiti gained statehood in 1979 from the unification of the American territories of Haiti (annexed in 1918) and Santo Domingo (1870). Among the reasons for annexation included the establishment of a new home for the freed slaves of the Southern US. The majority of Haiti's population are of African descent.