Hail The Shogun

300px-Satsuma-samurai-during-boshin-war-periodSpecialised Shogunate Samurai-1903

Imperial faction

Western Nations

Tokugawa Shogunate





List of Wars

In 1868, a civil war (The Boshin war) broke out between the two factions fighting for control of the nations. The Imperial forces, led by the emperor Meji, who wanted to retake control of the government for the emperors which was taken from them in the 11th century, and the Shogunate forces wanted to maintain their grip on the nation while trying to go back to the old ways of isolationism.

Almost all the battles fought were between the imperial forces with less men but better tactics, weapons and leadership and the Shogunate forces which had more men but kept to many old ways of living. The Imperial forces which had many modernized weaponry (including machine guns) while the Shogun's troops continued using the flintlock rifles, but due to French missions in 1867 they got their hands on far more modern guns, including 2 machine guns.

While these were setbacks the Shogunate had one advantage, they had the support of French generals which led small Shogun forces, but were overshadowed by the far more prestigious Shogun generals.

But what if the Shogun won the Boshin war and reaffirmed their authority over the emperor and Japan? What if their newly found isolationism caused new factors to be put into action?

Brief Overview

In the timeline, the POD is the battle of Toba-Fushimi the Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu led his troops directly while on the retreat to Osaka and manages to hold out by putting 3000 of his troops on the southern walls to help the defence before the Imperial forces overran them. In the defence the Imperial forces lost 3,400 men out of 5,000 and had to retreat to Kyoto while the Shoguns forces mustered their strength for the next wave of enemies. In the meanwhile Tokugawa Yoshinobu traveled by ship to meet the French generals that recently arrived in Edo to help the Shoguns forces in the north.

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