During the Civil War,Confederate forces win the Battle of Gettysburg by overwhelming Union forces by attacking their left flank, This inspires Napoleon III, Emperor of the French to help the Confederate Forces by sending troops, with Confederate and French forces advancing to New England and Union forces overwhelmed this forces the Union to negotiate peace. That meant the the US recognized CS independence and ceded the Border states to the CS, including Maryland and Delaware causing the US Capital to be moved back to Philadelphia, while the Confederate Capital is moved to Washington D.C



USA- There is much more industry in the US which there economy is mostly based off,They have no slave labor causing free market capitalism to flourish in the country

CSA- The economy is mostly agriculture even to this day however there are some factories in Virginia and the border states for certain products such as automobiles


USA- Slavery is banned in all states and territories, Blacks have equal rights,All religions are tolerated and Women had equal rights as men by the 1930s, Things such as Abortions and Sex Ed are allowed

CSA- Slavery is allowed in all States and territories,Blacks,Asians,Latinos,and Native Americans are all slaves,Only Protestant Christianity is tolerated (Except for the Texas and North Carolina Reservations where Judaism is allowed),Only White Men over 18 can vote,Women have very little rights,Prayer is required in schools,Marriage is required by the age of 25,It is a Christian Police State


USA- The most popular Sport is Baseball,A favorite pastime of the US is video games and popular music includes Heavy Metal and Rap

CSA- The most popular sport is American Football,Video games are banned in the CSA however Government-Run Television is extremly popular ,all Music in the CSA is banned except for Country and Gospel

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