Charlie Chaplin was always shocked by how similar his and Hitler's pasts were. Chaplin always said "he’s the madman, I’m the comic. But it could have been the other way around," so what if it were?


  • Adolf Hitler moves to America after serving as a soldier during WWI.
  • Charles Chaplin moves to Germany.


  • Chaplin joins the German Workers' Party (DAP).
  • Hitler expresses interest in silent films.


  • Chaplin becomes leader of the NSDAP.


  • Chaplin gets imprisoned and writes his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle).


  • Chaplin is released from jail and begins his rise to power.


  • Chaplin runs for president of Germany, but loses to Paul von Hindenburg.


  • President von Hindenburg appoints Charles Chaplin as Chancellor of Germany.
  • The Reichstag fire causes Chaplin to pass the Enabling Act, marking the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of the Third Reich


  • President von Hindenburg dies, at last making Chaplin the supreme dictator of Germany.


  • Adolf Hitler directs The Great Dictator, a satire of Chaplin.

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