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What if the Byzantine Empire Survived? What if the Umayyad Caliphate outlasted its successors? What if the Mongol Empire was significantly weaker? These were some of the many questions we asked, that will hopefully be answered in this althist.

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In Hail Byzantium, there are multiple points of divergence.

The first POD takes place in 1030 AD, the Umayyad Caliphate in al-Andalus did not "balkanise" into multiple independent Taifas.

The second POD takes place in 1185, Alexios II survives longer and appoints Isaac II as regent. Under Isaac II, the Byzantine Empire begins a reconquest of Anatolian territories and eventually, he is adopted into the Komnenoi family. With a more stable Byzantine government, the empire is able reconquer most lost territory. Under the influence of Isaac II, Alexios II also adopts Isaac II into the Komnenoi family creating the Angeloi-Komnenoi family.

The third POD takes place in 1200. Due to a less politically powerful Genghis Khan, the Khanate is more stagnant and less unified. This causes the Mongols to lose several battles over China, and in the Persian Seljuk Sultanate.

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The Siege of Ancyra 1189

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