Venus is a habitable planet with jungles, deserts and oceans. Venus is home to various unique lifeforms some primitive and some quite advanced. Millions of years ago small simple organisms inhabited Venus. Eventually these creatures evolved into larger more complex organisms. Later on humanoids evolved these humanoids were known as Venutians. They were many primitive tribes of these beings. They are thought to originally have lived on the large island of Keronia. The early Venutians lived in a similarly to early humans. They were hunter gatherers. After a while they migrated to other parts of Venus. Some tribes became very technologically advanced. When they were reaching a golden age after hundreds of years of war they had their first contact with humanity. The Soviet Union had landed a probe on Venus. At first no life other than plant life was detected but then the frightened Venutians attacked the probe by throwing rocks at it. Later in 1997 the first manned mission was launched the explorers arrived on May 24th, 2000. Currently they are building a base on the planet.

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