Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom
Ordered: October 16, 1775
Laid Down: January 1776
Launched: April 24, 1790
Fate: Sunk by USS Chesapeake on January 8, 1808.

The HMS Leopard was a 50-gun Portland-class fourth rate of the Royal Navy. The Leopard served in the French Revolutionary Wars, and the North American Front of the First Global War.


On June 22 of 1807, the HMS Leopard intercepted the USS Chesapeake and boarded. This event caused repercussions throughout the United States, which led to the American declaration of war against United Kingdom.

On January 8 of 1808, the Chesapeake got its revenge, when it "snuck up" on the Leopard, when it was preparing to land troops on the shores Nova Scotia. The magazine exploded, incinerating the stern portion of the ship, the captain, and most of the commanding officers. The few crew members that were able to escape into the water were picked up by the Chesapeake.

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