Gustav Stresemann
392px-Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1989-040-27, Gustav Stresemann
8th Chancellor of the German Empire
In office:

August 14, 1923 - October 3, 1929 

Preceded by: Wilhelm Cuno
Succeeded by: Wilhelm Groener
Foreign Minister of the German Empire
In office:

August 13, 1923 - October 3, 1929

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeeded by: Unknown
Foreign Minister of Prussia
In office:

January 6, 1919 - February 24, 1919

Preceded by: Georg von Hertling
Succeeded by: Post abolished

May 10 1878, Berlin, German Empire

Died November 3 1929, Berlin, German Empire
Nationality: German
Political party:

National Liberal Party

German People's Party


Kate Kleefeld 


Wolfgang, Joachim

Alma mater:

University of Berlin

University of Leipzig

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Christian

Gustav Stresemann was a German Politician who served as Chancellor (1923 - 1929).

He is widely regarded as the greatest German politician between Bismarck and Adenauer.

Stresemann's government brought stability to Germany, ending the series of short term government's that had lasted since 1917.

His government prioritised political and economic stability, goals which he achieved.

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