Mughal Coat of Arms

Emblem of the Gurkani Dynasty

The Gurkani Dynasty (Persian: گورکانیان‎‎, Gūrkāniyān), is a Sunni Muslim dynasty or clan of Turco-Mongol lineage descended from the warlord Timur (also known as Tamerlane). The word "Gurkani" derived from "gurkan", a Persianized form of the Mongolian word "kuragan" meaning "son-in-law", as the Timurids being in-laws of the line of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire. Members of the Gurkani dynasty have been strongly influenced by the Persian culture, primarily due to the bulk of their subjects being Persian and the inter-dynastic marriages established with the Persian Muzaffarids. 

The Gurkani dynasty, as the ruling dynasty of the Gurkani Sultanate is one of the most powerful political families in the Middle East and Central Asia, with allies and resources across the region and considerable influence within neighbouring areas. 

Gurkani Main Branch [Gurkani Sultanate]

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