Australian gun laws, and gun culture are similar to American and western Canadian gun culture. Gun regulations in Australia are a matter of state laws, whilst the federal government has little involvement. 

Firearms today can be purchased for the lawful purposes of hunting, self-defense, target-shooting, pest control, and collecting. The minimum age to purchase a firearm in Australia is 18. A Permit to Carry to required to carry loaded firearms in the public for self-defense and hunting. 

In the political level, gun culture has been protected by a number of parties, including the Australian Democratic Party and the Shooters Party, with the Australian Democratic Party containt large elements of Christian right politics. Parties that tend to support gun control include the Opposition Party, National Party and the Australian Progressive Party. 

According a survey, 55% of Australian citizens own a firearm, and 76% have shot a firearm. Like in other countries, firearms are a very popular part of rural Australian culture. 

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