Guiseppe Carlo Vittorio Bravanatti (May 8, 1893 - October 3, 1944) was a Roman nobleman and political leader in the Papal States, and a member of the House of Bravanatti. During the 1930's and later the French Civil War, Guiseppe and his sons were blamed by various powerful interests in Rome for bankrupting the Papal States' secular treasury for their own personal needs, including the purchase of a fleet of yachts and throwing lavish parties and having the Roman Congress foot the bill.

Guiseppe, even more so than his ruling brother Niccolo, is blamed for ushering in the end of the Bravanatti dynasty and with it secular rule in Italy until the late 1970's. Guiseppe was placed under arrest by the Pampini-loyal police force during the Roman Revolution and lived for several months at a prison converted from an apartment building near the Vatican. On October 3, 1944 he was publicly executed along with his three sons, his brother and his two nephews.

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