Guiana | Republic of Guiana | République de Guyane (French)

Capital: Cayenne

Largest city: Cayenne (106,358)

Official language: French

Other languages: Arabic, Chinese, Indigenous minority languages

Ethnic groups: 67.3% Mulatto, 12.5% Maroon, 6.6% French-Guianese, 3.2% Chinese, 1.8% Arawak, 1.5 Hmong, 1.4% Kalina, 1.2% Arab, 1.1% Wayampi, 3.4% others

Religions: Catholic Christianity (87.2%), Protestant Christianity (3.5%), Amerindian tribal religion (3.1%), Buddhism (1.2%), Others (1.8%), Non-religious (3.2%)

Demonym: Guianese

Government: Republic | Unitary semi-presidential

President: Antoine Karam

Prime Minister: Rodolphe Alexandre

Legislature: National Assembly

Independence (from France): December 15, 1982

Area: 83,534 sq km

Population (2013): 250,109

Currency: Guianese franc (GUF)

Internet TLD: .gu

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