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Guderian decides that the only thing which can save the Reich now is to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the American forces. that will have very obvious benefits, but it may also destroy the Reich through escalation. However, that is a risk Guderian is willing to take.

On August 5, 1962, tactical nuclear weapons are used on advancing American forces in Western Europe. The divisions are devastated, with massive casualties taken, as the Americans weren't expecting nuclear weapons to be used. When Patton hears, he is furious. He demands that Kennedy grant authorization to use nuclear weapons in response. Kennedy gives the authorization, and Patton begins distributing weapons to his divisions. However, he goes over Kennedy's head, and gives authorization for tactical weapons to be used whenever division commanders deem them necessary.

Things keep escalating, as each side uses more powerful nuclear weapons, until Guderian is forced to launch all remaining ICBM's at America. He realizes that it has gone way overboard, but he is at a point of no return. He has to use them, or else only Germany will be devastated in nuclear fire, while America comes out with no damage besides casualties.

The Americans detect the ICBM launch. The Germans don't launch as many as they could, as missile sites that weren't underground or mobile have already been destroyed by conventional bombing. However, there are still enough weapons to destroy almost every major city on the East Coast. The American people evacuate, though the missiles will arrive shortly. They also scream for a nuclear response, but Kennedy knows that he can't do that, as he would risk hitting his own forces. He does agree to nuke Berlin, but only that city. He then evacuates from D.C. on Air Force One.

The missiles arrive, and cities such as D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and Miami are destroyed in nuclear fire. Berlin is also destroyed, with numerous high level members of the government being killed. Guderian survives, as he was not in Berlin at the time. American forces continue their advance, using tactical weapons whenever they encounter significant resistance. Eventually, the German government under Guderian unconditionally surrenders.

The world in 2010 looks very different. The Soviets got back all the land the controlled before the Second World War. The Americans restore the governments of France and Britain, and occupy the western part of Germany, while the Soviets occupy the eastern part. Germany is not a nice place to live yet, as the region is still recovering from the Tactical Nuclear Warfare that went on there in the 60's, but it is recovering. The American capital was moved to St. Louis, and the country is currently rebuilding Washington D.C. as a monument to the men who fell defeating Nazi Germany. Although, 1 evil may have been replaced by another. The recovery of all that land allowed the Soviets to become a world Power, and the growing economy and industrial might of China means that the world may soon be engaged in a new cold war, which may not turn out as well for the Americans. Only time will tell what the world holds in store for the three World Powers, and which one will go down in the annals of history as the Uniter of Earth.

End of Timeline.

Created by: Azecreth 16:13, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

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