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The Germans, after quickly taking North Africa from the grimy British hands, realises that the British will continuously be a threat world-wide unless they have their "genitalia crushed". The genitalia in question is the Isle of Great Britain. The Germans also realise that throughout the campaign in North Africa the British readied their defenses all along the coast with a "Fortress Britain" set up with even the coast in Scotland and North Ireland under heavy watch.

The Germans thus decide to turn the Fortress into a sepulchre. The German Kriegsmarine begin sending out massive waves of U-Boats that cut off all trade with the outside world. This will, within three months to a year, starve out the British.

But, alas, it is not to be an easy fight. The American President FDR sends large amounts of foodstuff, weapons, etc. to the dirty Brits. If they attack the Americans they will surely cause war with them, a war they can not win, but if they do not stop their shipping Britain will be able to hold out to the good Lord returns.


Attempt an invasion of Great Britain, it will cost many lives but it will end the war.

Attempt to go through Ireland and take North Ireland

Attack ALL shipping, including American

Attempt to negotiate peace

Hold Great Britain at bay and invade the USSR

Hold Great Britain at bay and invade the Middle East

Attempt to persuade the Americans to become more neutral

Attempt to persuade the Americans to join the Axis Powers

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