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Guderian knows that for any possible invasion of the USSR to work, the Reich needs to secure its oil supplies. The battle in Africa seems to not be going well, since they can only attack from one direction, and the British know they are coming. The only option seems to be to open a new front. One that the British aren't expecting. Over the course of the year, the Wehrmatch is arranged on the border with Turkey. On May 15, 1941, The German armed forces swarm over the border with Turkey. Constantinople and European Turkey falls in a matter of days. The Turks join the Allies, and British troops move from Iraq to Turkey to help repel the Germans.

The Germans manage to cross the Turkish Straits, and pierce the Turkish defense lines. After fierce fighting between Turkish, British, and German forces, the Germans make it to the interior of Turkey, and are on their way to the capital. Fortunately for the British, the southern of Turkey is still under their control. What happens next in the battle for the middle east?

Germany beats turkey

The British drive them back

The USSR uses their distraction to invade

Created by: Azecreth 22:00, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

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