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Guderian decides that his efforts in Africa will have the most success if they can cut off the British from the Mediterranean. To do that, he will need to control the Strait of Gibraltar. Unfortunately, there is no way for the Reich to take Gibraltar, since the Spanish are not in the war, and a naval landing would be suicide. With this in mind, Guderian goes about trying to get Spain into the war.

The Wehrmacht is marshalled on the Spanish border, in preparation for a possible invasion, and to apply pressure for the Spanish to join the Axis. At the same time, a delegation is sent to Madrid to conduct negotiations for Spanish entry into the Axis. Franco resists for a while, but finally, Guderian offers terms he can not refuse. He will be given Gibraltar, British colonies in Northern Africa, and financial support from Nazi Germany.

Burning British ships

A British ship, destroyed by the Kriegsmarine in the Mediterranean

On May 7, 1941, Spain joins the Axis Powers, and declares war on the Allies. German forces move into Spain, and Gibraltar is put under siege. The fortress stands for months under constant bombardment, as the fort was well stocked with ammunition and food. But finally, after a four month siege, the Fortress of Gibraltar falls. The Axis Powers control the pathway to the Mediterranean. With Giberaltar under their control, the Mediterranean becomes an Axis lake. Nazi, Spanish and Italian forces roam it at will, and the British naval forces are forced to fall back to the Indian Ocean, only undertaking submarine raids and aerial attacks. Supply to British forces in North Africa is intermittent at best, and soon the British are on the verge of running out of ammunition and food. How will the battle in North Africa go?

The British pull it out of the hat, and force the Germans to retreat

The Germans crush the British

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