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Kingdom of Guanabara
Reino da Guanabara
Timeline: Game of Nations

OTL equivalent: Something close to Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and some parts of Peru
GuanabaraFlag(GONN) GuanabaraCoA(GONN)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Guanabara

Seja triunfante a Guanabara, pátria livre agora e sempre (Portuguese)
("May Guanabara be triunfant, free fatherland now and forever")

Anthem "Na Bandiera, Na Léngoa, Na Storia
National Anthem of the Venetian Republic 697-1797
(One Flag, One Language, One History; Royal Anthem)
Cisne Branco (White Swan, National Anthem)
Capital Guanabara City
Largest city Rio de Janeiro
Other cities São Paulo, Salvador, Santa Cruz, Assunção, Recife, Manaus, Belém
  others Spanish, Gallician
Roman Catholicism
  others Other Christian denominations, Islam, Buddism and others
Demonym Guanabarean
Government Unitary constitutional parlamentary monarchy
  legislature Assembleia Geral
(Upper House) Senado
(Lower House) Câmara dos Deputados
King Giovanni II
  Royal house: House of Polo
President of the Council of Ministers Michel Temer (PDG)
Population 205,338,000 
Established XVI century
Independence from Portugal [maybe]
  declared 24 March 1822
  recognized [To be decided]
Currency Cruzeiro
The Kingdom of Guanabara (Portuguese: Reino da Guanabara), is a country in South Vinhaard. It has been colonized by the portuguese in the XVI century, although much of the lands it currently have has been conquered after the independence, in the XIX century. It was, during some time, a military dictatorship republican regime, sometimes seems as fascist inclined, although democracy and the monarchy has been long restored.



See also: Colonial Guanabara


See also: War of Guanabarean Independence

Early years


The Great War

Military Coup and Dictatorship

See also: Republican Guanabara

Restoration of Monarchy and modern day


Based on the colors of the map. Guanabara City, depite being a Royal City, has a status of a regular province.

  Guanabara City (GC)
  Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Capital: Rio de Janeiro
  Bahia (BA) - Capital: Salvador
  Pernambuco (PE) - Capital: Recife
  Araguaia (AR) - Capital: Palmas
  Maranhão (MA) - Capital: São Luís
  Ceará (CE) - Capital: Fortaleza
  Bonifácia (BO) - Capital: Almirante Barroso
  Tapajós (TA) - Capital: Marechal Silva
  Amazonas (AM) - Capital: Manaus
  Acre (AC) - Capital: Duque do Rio Branco
  Peru (PU) - Capital: Arequipa
  Santa Cruz (SC) - Capital: Santa Cruz
  Goiás (GO) - Capital: Goiânia
  Minas Gerais (MG) - Capital: Ouro Negro
  São Paulo (SP) - Capital: São Paulo
  Paraguai (PG) - Capital: Assunção
  Paraná (PR) - Capital: Curitiba
  São Pedro (SO) - Capital: Desterro
  Cisplatina (CP) - Capital: Sacramento


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