Early Life

Gruoch Ingen Boite
Queen of Scots,

Spouse Mac Bethad Mac Findlaech
Issue Lulach Mormaer of Strathclyde, Macbeatha I (King of Scots)
Dynasty Alpin
Father Boite Mac Cinaeda
Born Gruoch Ingen Boite
Died 1070
Burial Iona
Religion Christianity
Gruoch Ingen Boite, was the only daughter of Boite Mac Cinaeda, Prince of Scots, and Mormaer of Fife. She was born in 1010, in what is now St Andrews, Fife, and grew up within the area with her brother Gille Mac Boite. Not much is truly known about her, other than she spent a lot of time within Fife as well as some time in Moray, where she got to know the son of the then Mormaer, Mac Bethad (Macbeth I), as well as Gillacomgain.

Wife of Gillacomgain

Whatever her feelings toward Macbeth might have been, it should be noted that in 1025 she was married to Gillacomgain the heir to Malcolm Mac Brigti the Mormaer of Moray, this marriage, it seems was arranged by her father as a political match. Given that Malcolm II of Alba was preparing some sort of campaign against Boite, this seems to have been a sensible move in that it made sure Boite had a strong ally. That the campaign against Boite did not materialise suggests Malcolm II was convinced not to invade Fife. The relationship between Gruoch and her husband seems to have been a friendly one, if not especially loving, what little records that survive from the time, indicate that they were close friends and that she did spend time helping him with his duties. When Gillacomgain ascended to the Mormaerdom of Moray in 1029, it was Gruoch who pushed for his reconciliation with Macbeth, and she was one of the witnesses of the pact the two signed in Inverness. She bore a child for Gillacomgain in 1030 named Lulach, and it seems that their son only served to strengthen the bond of friendship between the two. When her husband died in a feast hall fire in 1032, Gruoch was in Elgin, with her son and her nephew.

Wife of Macbeth

Following her husband's death, Gruoch it seems travelled to Cullen where Macbeth was, and with the blessings of the chieftains of Moray, invited him to accept the Mormaerdom of Moray, which he duly did. The two were wed later that year, in what seems to have been an attempt to strengthen Macbeth's hold over Moray, as well as a love match. During her husband's time as Mormaer, it seems Gruoch worked with her husband in his travels around the Mormaerdom, getting to know the chiefs as well as helping raise their sons Lulach and Fearchar Og. It seems that she also spent some time helping the church, raising funds for the church development, as well as with charities. She was a key supporter in her husband's bid for the throne, as well as convincing her father and nephew to support her husband when he claimed the throne.

Following her husband's ascension as king in 1040, Gruoch spent time raising their sons, as well as spending time getting to know the ladies of the court. She spent time aiding the church as well as running various charities within the realm. From what records survive, it seems she was well loved by the people for her piety as well as her charity works.

She and her husband Macbeth had their own son named Macbeatha, a child who soon took up much of her time, raising him and teaching him the ways of their people. She outlived her husband by a year, dying in 1070.