Grigori Rasputin ( January 22, 1869- December 10, 1953)was a Russian mystic and monk, advisor to the Romanov dynasty, and Supreme Elder of the Slavic People, essentially the ruler of Russia. Born into an obscure peasant family in Siberia, Rasputin left his village and became a religious pilgrim, developing a reputation for having supernatural powers and a connection with God. Rasputin eventually became an advisor the Romanovs, when he supposedly cured the future Czar Alexei II of hemophilia. Rasputin held much sway over the royals, which lead to his being sent to a labor camp in Siberia when the Russian Republic seized control in 1917

Living in a cold labor camp in Magadan for nearly a decade, Rasputin became bitter and anti-semitic, due to the fact that the lawyer who had him convicted was Jewish. On February 18th, 1927, Rasputin, along with his advisor Josef Dughashvili, lead a revolt in the labor camps, sparking similar revolts in the nearby Sakha Republic. At the head of his Holy Army, Rasputin marched across all of Russia, defeating several Republican armies, and gaining the support of various peasants, generals, White Russians, mercenaries, officials and soldiers who joined him on what became known as the Long March. After the Holy Army took Petrograd, the capital, Rasputin instated Alexei II as Czar and declared himself Supreme Elder of the Slavic People, creating the New Russian Empire, a totalitarian state. Rasputin established a personality cult, eventually calling himself the Son of God, and brutally crushed all opposition, including the invading German People's Republic in World War II. As the New Russian Empire and the United States became the sole superpowers, Rasputin became increasingly senile, declaring war on the U.S in 1952 after the U.S expanded in the Middle East, prompting World War III. Rasputin was eventually killed in a military coup in 1953, leaving behind a legacy of hate and fanaticism.

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