Republic of Greenland
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Greenland Flag VINW 2 copy Coat of arms of Greenland
Flag of Greenland Coat of Arms of Greenland
Capital (and largest city) Nukilik
Other cities Aulaiyiyok, Opalorpok, Pissimayok, Puigojuitok, Ublarorpok
Language Greenlandic
Population 156,041 

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The Republic of Greenland was originally by Viking explorers from Iceland and Norway. After Vinland was taken by Norway, the Norwegians had no interest in taking Greenland, as they saw it as a cold, barren, useless state.

Throughout the first few hundred years of its life, Greenland was classified as a kingdom, due to it having a unstable central government run completely by a single "Prime Minister". It founded itself formally as a republic in 1567.

Today it has a stable government based on the other Scandinavian governments. It has a freezing climate, with it being one of the coldest places on the planet (after Antarctica). Its flag is based on the other Scandinavian flags, with the blue representing the ocean, the white representing the snow, and the green representing either democratic ideals or the habitable land in and around the area.

Political Subdivisions

Provinces of Greenland VINW 3

Greenland is divided up into ten provinces, with nine being on the mainland.

Total Population: 156,041