Greenland (Red Sun)

Greenland with its 3 moons

Greenland is the third planet from the sun. Greenland formed 4.5 billion years ago and was pushed out of Ceres's orbit. Greenland is the largest terrestrial planet in the solar system, with a diameter of 20,000km. Its biospere is a diverse chain of aerobic and anaerobic lifeforms, ranging from single-celled organisms to complex organisms.

Greenland's outer crust is segmented into different plates capable of shifting over long periods of time.


Greenland has a thick atmosphere which helps regulate the temprature around the planet. It is composed primarily of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases. Its average temerature is 22˚C/72˚F. Greenland's atmosphere is somewhat harder to breathe, with a humidity greater than Terramyde for the most part.



The largest of Derna's moons. Deran is the only moon of Greenland which contains oceans and simple microbic life, while it's atmosphere is natually inhosbitable for humans there is spectulation on whether it could or should be terraformed. Currently there is a perment population of 3,000 scientists that conduct research of the atmosphere and simple organisms.




Greenland began to be colonised by Humans centuries ago. As spacefaring technology increased, along with transportational capabilities, the colonisation of the planet became more rapid.


There are no set countries

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