Timeline: Midnight Sun

OTL equivalent: Greenland, Franz Josef Land, Svalbard, Ellesmere Island
Flag of Greenland
Anthem "Nuna Assillaoq"
Capital Eystribyggð
Largest city Eystribyggð
Other cities Nuuk, Vestribyggð, Lyusfjord
Language Greenlandic
Religion Church of Greenland
Government Socialist republic
  legislature Greenland Althing
Population 75,000 
Established c. 1260
Currency Groendaler

Greenland is a socialist republic located in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. One of the oldest nations in the world, Greenland has existed in one form or another since Norse colonization in 1260. Essentially isolated between 1430 and 1571, Greenland evolved a unique Norse-Inuit culture and language which are unparalleled globally. Today, Greenland has a developed economy and stands out for its disproportionately large role in global politics, regardless of its tiny population.

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