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Kalaallit Nunaat
— Subdivision of Denmark
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag of Greenland Coat of arms of Greenland
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Greenland
Anthem ""You Our Ancient Land""
Capital Nuuk
Largest city Nuuk
Other cities Ilulissat, Sisimiut
  others English, Danish
  others Other
Ethnic groups
  others European (mainly Danish), American
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Queen Margrethe II
Prime Minister Finn Karlsen
Area 836,109 sq mi km²
Population 55,000 approx. 
Established Government first established in 1979, Current setup begun in 1991
Admission Member of the Nordic Union, Atlantic Defense Community, and League of Nations

Greenland is an autonomous area of Denmark located east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Considered the largest island in the world, Greenland's population currently stands at around 55,000 people.



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A member of the former North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as part of Denmark, Greenland was struck by a Soviet warhead during World War III, which destroyed the American air base at Thule, and caused some of the ice in that area to melt.

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After being under a Canadian protectorate for eight years following the events of Doomsday, relying on them for supplies, Greenland regained its status as an autonomous area of Denmark in 1991, following the resumption of contact with that state in 1989.

Supplies, funds, and defense remained the responsibility of the Canadian government until 1995, however.

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Foreign Relations

Despite its status as an autonomous area of Denmark, Greenland still holds membership in several international agencies. It is currently a member of the Nordic Union, the Atlantic Defense Community (ADC), and the League of Nations (LON).

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