Republic of Greenland-Iceland
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1767-1784 Succeeded by

Light Blue Flag of Iceland

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Flag of Iceland

Duchy of Greenland
Flag of the Republic of Greenland-Iceland
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The Republic of Greenland-Iceland was a short lived union between the Republic of Greenland and the Republic of Iceland. It was originally formed to keep the Danish-Swedish at bay, and to keep them from re-invading. This proved to be difficult, however, as the first elections went through, not many people voted.

Denmark-Sweden threatened the nation frequenly for reasons unknown, although most historians believe that it was to get them to keep their unstable union permanently unstable. This helped perpetuate the nation slightly, and their plan almost followed through.

Nationalism was still a large part of the nation, and the laws were loosened. Most support slanted towards re-division of the new nation. After a few years of shaky union, it collapsed back into their current-day counterparts.