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Partido Verde
Green Party
Timeline: Great White South
Foreman: Anita Cruz
Party Chairman: Osmo Sauri
House Leader: Maya Ekstetak
Founded: 1963
Headquarters: Casa del Fénix
Youth wing: Estudiantes Verdes
Ideology: Environmentalism
Social Democracy
AIP rights
Political position: Center-Left
International affiliation: Antarctic Green League
Official colours:      Green
House Delegates: 7/40
Estadistas: 1/5

The Green Party (Spanish: Partido Verde; Finnish Santiagan Vihreäpuolue) of Santiago is one of the country's five major political parties; advocating for environmentalism, Indigenous rights, and Liberal social policies. Like most Green Parties in Antarctica, the Santiago Greens experienced a major boom during the 1980s (the continent's so-called "Green Revolution"); which has made them much more prominent than Ecologist Parties in most non-Antarctic countries.


Foundation and Early Years (1963-1986)

Green Revolution and Shinin Years (1986-1996)

Recent History (1996-Present)


Political Positions

Internal Factions

List of Foremen

Foremen who became President are listed in bold, as are the dates of their Presidency.