The 2016 Green Party leadership election is scheduled to be held in August and September 2016.


Following the party's crushing defeat in the 2015 general election, Natalie Bennett announced her resignation as party leader. Whilst a leadership election was originally planned to be held that summer it was decided to delay in until 2016 and elect an interim to serve out the remainder of Natalie Bennett's term as party leader.

Interim Leadership election

On the 22nd May the parliamentary Green Party met to elect an interim leader, the candidates were:

  • Jenny Jones: Leader of the Party in the Senate and Senator for London
  • Rupert Read: Member of Parliament for Norfolk
  • Derek Wall: Member of Parliament for Berkshire

Results of the interim leadership election:

Candidate First Round Second Round
Jenny Jones 17 25
Rupert Read 14 15
Derek Wall 9

The election saw Jenny Jones elected as interim leader of the Parliament whilst it was agreed runner up Rupert Read would lead the party in the Legislative Assembly, owing to Jones' status as a Senator.



  • Shahrar Ali: Deputy leader of the Green Party and Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Brent
  • Jonathan Bartley: Member of Parliament for Merton and Wandsworth
  • Sian Berry: Member of Parliament for Haringey and Hackney
  • Molly Scott-Cato: Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, Camarthenshire and Pembrokeshire
  • Amelia Womack: Deputy leader of the Green Party and Member of Parliament for Bermondsey Peckham and Greenwich


  • Will Duckworth: Former Deputy leader of the Green Party and Member of Parliament for Dudley and West Bromwich
  • Caroline Lucas: Former Party Leader and Member of Parliament for East Sussex


Candidates Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Sian Berry 13,482 14,593 16,024 20,074
Jonathan Bartley 9,562 11,092 15,532 20,018
Amelia Womack 7,409 7,704 8,536
Molly Scott-Cato 5,282 6,703
Shahrar Ali 4,327


The election saw Sian Berry win by an extremely narrow margin with some calling for a rerun of the election due to such a close result, however Bartley conceded and endorsed Berry for the leadership.

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