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Green Party Leadership election, 2012 (Fascist Coup Britain)

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The 2012 Green Party leadership election resulted in a victory for Natalie Bennett.

2002  2016
Green Party leadership election, 2012
1 August - 3 September 2012
Nominee Natalie Bennett Peter Cranie Romayne Phoenix
First Round 7,462 6,283 3,981
Final Round 10,326 9,639 -

Nominee Pippa Bartolotti
First Round 2,2289
Final Round -

Previous Leader of the Green Party
Caroline Lucas
[[Green Party|Template:Green Party/meta/shortname]]

Leader of the Green Party
Natalie Bennett
[[Green Party|Template:Green Party/meta/shortname]]


The leadership election was triggered by incumbent leader Caroline Lucas announcing that she would not seek another 2 year term as party leader after 10 years in the leadership.


  • Pippa Bartolotti: Leader of the Welsh Green Party and Member of Parliament for Newport, Monmouthshire and Torfaen
  • Natalie Bennett: Member of Parliament for Central London
  • Peter Cranie: Member of Parliament for Liverpool and Bootle
  • Romayne Phoenix: Member of Parliament for Central London


The election saw Natalie Bennett elected over second place Perter Cranie.

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