Kingdom of Greece
Vasíleio tis Elláda
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Flag of the Septinsular Republic.svg
Official languages Greek, Italian, Latin
Minority languages Aragonese, Arabic, and Castilian
Demonym Greek
Government Absolute elective monarchy
 -  King of the Hellenes Jacob I Crispo
 -  Liberation of Greece 1444 
 -  Conference of Thessaloniki 1450 
 -  Greco-Bulgarian War 1463 
Currency Ducat
The Kingdom of Greece, more commonly called Greece, is a absolute elective monarchy under the rule of the King of Greece. The Kingdom of Greece is composed of a triumvirate and an elective council.

Constituents Edit

  • Kingdom of Greece - Capital: Thessaloniki
    • Grand Duchy of Macedonia - Capital: Thessaloniki
    • Grand Duchy of Thessaly - Capital: Larissa
    • Grand Duchy of the Aegean - Capital: Lamia
    • Duchy of Dolopia - Capital: Karditsa
    • Duchy of Magnesia - Capital: Volos

Former Constituents Edit

  • Principality of Berat - Capital: Berat
    • Ceded to the Kingdom of Naples in return for a royal marriage of Duchess Caterina of Thessaloniki and King Matteo of Naples.
  • Grand Duchy of Thrace - Capital: Thessaloniki
    • Excluding Thessaloniki, Thrace was annexed by the Third Bulgarian Empire after the Greco-Bulgarian War.
  • Duchy of Chalkdiki - Capital: Kalamaria
    • Annexed by the Third Bulgarian Empire after the Greco-Bulgarian War.
  • Duchy of Velbazhd - Capital: Bitola
    • Annexed by the Third Bulgarian Empire after the Greco-Bulgarian War.

Royal Families Edit

House of Aviz Edit

Henry I Aviz, King of the Hellenes and Lord of Berat. Elected King in 1450. Died 1463.

  • Grand Duke of Thessaloniki Ferdinand Aviz, nephew of King Henry I.

House of Crispo Edit

Jacob I Crispo, King of the Hellenes and Duke of Naxos. Married to Princess Isabella of Aragon. Elected King in 1463.

  • Arianne 'Ariadne' Crispo.
  • Niccolo 'Nicholas' Crispo.
  • Enrico 'Henry' Crispo

House of Visconti Edit

Francesco I Visconti, Grand Duke of Larissa. Married to Marie of Valois.

  • Valentina Visconti

List of Monarchs Edit

Henry I Aviz (1450-1463)

Jacob I Crispo (1463-)

Foreign Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Aragon - Through the parentage of Grand Duke Jacob Crispo and his wife, Princess Isabella.

Portugal - Through the heritage of King Henry the Navigator.

Naples - Through the heritage of Grand Duke Francesco Visconti.

Trading Partners Edit

Bohemia - Through the Treaty of Belgrade leading to a defensive alliance with Bohemia.

Enemies Edit

Bulgaria - After the loss of the Greco-Bulgarian War, the Bulgarian Empire annexed much Greek land, shaming Greece.

Dukes of Greece Edit

Grand Duke of Macedonia Edit

Grand Duke of Thessaloniki, Ferdinand Aviz.

Grand Duke of Thessaly Edit

Grand Duke of Larissa, Francesco Visconti. Married to Princess Marie of Valois.

  • Valentina Visconti

Grand Duke of the Aegean Edit

Grand Duke of the Aegean, Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos. Married to Katarina Brankovic.

  • Sophia Palaiologos
  • Theodore Palaiologos

Duke of Magnesia Edit

Duke of Magnesia and Naxos, William Crispo. Married to Princess Rosina of Milan.

  • Francesco 'Francis' Crispo
  • Bianca 'Blanche' Crispo

Duke of Dolopia Edit

Duke of Dolopia, Durad Brankovic.

  • Grgur Brankovic
  • Mara Brankovic
  • Stefan Brankovic
  • Katarina Brankovic
  • Lazar Brankovic